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what we offer: how bluepower can help you

Our managed services provide the environment you require as an extension of your existing IT facilities, including:

Business continuity and DRP

Remote management of data & applications

Centralised network management

Maintenance & 24/7 Monitoring

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Solutions

We offer a wide-range of support services to supplement, underpin or fully manage our clients’ IT infrastructures. Our managed services range from remote management through to hosting and application service provision. Our solutions help business increase the performance of their systems, reduce operating costs, and refocus strategic IT initiatives whilst retaining control over existing IT operations. Our high-availability solutions reflect the operational and business exposures of any organization, including the risks associated with core organizational systems, such as reputation and other intangibles, knowledge and people as well as the actual loss of physical assets. Whilst the level of investment we’ve made in data centre infrastructure mitigates risk of business service loss, we ensure that your over-all business agility is not compromised by agreed-to IT risk mitigation solutions.

With our Tier 1, dual data-centre infrastructure set-up in Sydney, we provide you with state-of-the-art technical resources giving almost transparent business continuity that could keep IT systems up-and-running, with little or no effect on you and your customers, through most types of disruptions. We use best-of-breed software and hardware technologies as basis for our core platforms. We offer consistent methodologies and proven contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to meet any company’s needs. We also offer proactive support and monitoring solution for your network infrastructure ensuring optimised performance and availability of business-critical applications.

We provide you with fully supported and managed dedicated servers with instant access to N+1 facilities. For instance, for a fixed monthly price, with no hidden charges or usage fees, we can cluster your customer’s servers to one of our data centres, with a dedicated high-speed link, so that in the event of a failure, either server can take over processing. This eliminates the need for expensive redundant internet links for the office and allows your customer to easily recover from internet outage or in-house server crashes. Alternatively, we can also offer what’s known as virtual hosting in the form of shared servers, i.e., if you are not adverse to the significant disadvantages, which includes risk of instability, reduced security, plus other performance and limited control issues. Otherwise, we would recommend that you opt for a virtual private server that will then give you all the advantages of virtualisation, where each VPS can be administered with total control and behaves exactly like a dedicated server allowing full security and specific allocation of CPU, memory and disk space.

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